+ When and where can I buy a lttl tumbler?

Our Kickstarter campaign launched in October 2016. We are still in the process of fulfilling our KS orders which will deliver in Summer 2017. After that, we'll make a public announcement about where the tumbler will be available in stores and at online retailers. Stay tuned!

+ What are the features of the lttl tumbler?

There's a lotta features that go into this lttl tumbler!

  • Vacuum insulated double-walled vessel keeps drinks hot or cold for hours
  • Outside stays cool to the touch and won’t sweat when filled with iced drinks
  • True 360˚ spill-free drinking directly from the top edge
  • Super easy cleaning, nowhere for gunk to hide
  • Leak proof seal for toting in a bag or purse
  • Splash resistant open position for drinking
  • 360˚ vented lid allows full enjoyment of aromas
  • Electropolished interior resists stains and odors, no paint or coatings inside

+ What's the big idea behind the lttl tumbler?

At lttl we love our coffee, but we couldn't find a travel mug that was easy to live with everyday. We tried many and all of them had flaws or features that were poorly designed. Some didn't offer a nice sipping experience like you get with a normal cup. Some required you to take your eyes off the road in order to align the sippy-hole to your lips. Many would leak, dribble down the side, or break when dropped on their lids. And above all, they would develop a funky smell and taste that just won't go away. We investigated and discovered the dirty science behind the stink—biofilm, a tenacious colony of bacteria, algae, and fungi that can't be removed from surfaces by rinsing alone. Pretty gross! It's the reason other mugs start to leave a funky aftertaste, as their mugs have designs that are impossible to clean.

We strived to create a tumbler that addressed all of these issues and ended up with a design that rises above and beyond your average travel container, all the way from easy cleaning to your commute around town to your final sip, for years to come.

+ How big is the lttl tumbler?

Capacity: 1 US pint / 16 fl oz / 475 ml / "Grande" Height: 8.2" / 200mm Base diameter: 2.7" / 69 mm - Yes it fits in your cupholder! Top diameter: 3.1" / 79 mm Weight: 0.9 lbs / 0.4 kg

+ Is the tumbler BPA free? What's it made of?

Yes, the tumbler is completely BPA free! We use only the safest, highest quality materials in the lttl tumbler. The plastic stopper is made of premium Eastman® Tritan® copolyester that is food-safe, boiling-water-safe, BPA and BPS free, and shatterproof. The vessel is made of 304 food-service grade Stainless Steel with an electropolished interior, so it's completely free of linings and coatings. The gasket on the stopper is made of EU-grade platinum catalyst silicone rubber that exceeds the U.S. FDA's food safety standards.

+ Is the tumbler dishwasher safe?

Yes! The lttl tumbler was designed with durable components and finishes so that it could be put on the top rack of your dishwasher.

+ What can I put in my lttl tumbler?

Since the lttl tumbler will keep any beverage hot or cold for hours, you can put any tasty liquid you like—coffee, tea, iced drinks, carbonated beverages, beer, wine, cocktails—they all work. The vented design of the stopper lid actually enhances your drinking experience with hot beverages. The wide-mouth opening is perfect for adding ice, fruits, and herbs to your cold drinks. Smoothies need only be ingested with the lid off. Just take care not to store your liquids in the tumbler for extended periods, as spoilage may cause pressure buildup inside the vessel.

A lttl secret: the tumbler also makes a fantastic cocktail shaker that filters out seeds and keeps your hands from freezing!

+ Is there a coating or liner inside the tumbler?

There are absolutely no coatings, paints, or linings inside the vessel. The Stainless Steel interior is electropolished to a slick surface that resists stains and odors without any need for additional coatings or linings.

+ Is the tumbler microwave safe?

No, the lttl tumbler vessel is made of stainless steel - do not use it in a microwave.

+ Can I put the lttl tumbler in the refrigerator or freezer?

Pre-chilling the tumbler in the refrigerator before filling with cold beverages will help keep it colder for longer. Don't put the tumbler in the freezer as it may damage the bottle and its vaccuum seal.

+ How do I clean the lttl tumbler?

All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe. For a quick cleaning by hand, simply run parts under hot water, wipe with a soapy sponge or brush, and then rinse. For periodic 'deep cleaning', pull off the silicone gasket, handwash clean, and put it back on.

Note: The electropolished interior surface can be degraded by abrasive cleanser or scouring pads, so please use a brush or non-scratch sponge pad for best cleaning practice.

+ What makes this tumbler easier to clean than others?

While other mugs have lids full of complicated mechanisms, the lttl tumbler's lid is one-piece with no hidden recesses at all. That means there's no disassembly, no hidden crevices, nowhere for gunk to hide! And on top of that the vessel has a wide opening to fit a sponge or brush while its electropolished surface does the microscopic job in resisting stains and odors.

+ Who designed the lttl tumbler?

The designers at Impel Studio did! Say hello and see our other work here: www.impelstudio.com.