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lttl launches on Kickstarter October 2016.


Introducing the lttl tumbler

The on-the-go travel cup that that loves your coffee as much as you do. At lttl, we carefully consider all the little details that make a truly great product. We’ve used and tested dozens of travel mugs and tumblers over the years, and none of them provided the experience we expected: a refined sipping experience, an effortless leak-proof seal and dead-simple cleaning with no disassembly required. So we’ve set out to make our own, sweating every little detail along the way to create what might be the best insulated tumbler ever made.





Effortless Use

We’ve gone to great lengths to create a tumbler that is as easy to use as possible.  The stopper goes right in every time without jamming.  With a feather-light twist of the fingertips and a click, a leak-proof seal is created without having to crank down on the lid. The seal can’t be over-tightened like other travel mugs, so opening is as effortless as sealing.  The flared vessel shape fits perfectly in hand and can be brought to the lips swiftly without even looking down.




Clean Design, Clean Taste

The lttl tumbler has been designed from the ground up for super easy cleaning.  There are no mechanisms to take apart.  The lttl tumbler™ has no concealed passages or hidden areas - all surfaces are easily accessed for daily cleansing and rinsing, so this tumbler won’t add a funky taste to your drinks.  We’ve taken the extra step of electro-polishing the interior of the stainless steel vessel, creating a microscopically slick surface that resists stains and odors.


Sips Like A Normal Cup

Instead of a complicated lid that screws on top of a vessel, the lttl tumbler™ has a one-piece stopper that simply drops in and locks to create a leak-proof seal with a light twist of the fingertips.  Turn the stopper back out slightly and it clicks into drinking position. Sip directly from the tumbler’s lip on any side, 360˚ around without having to look down and align a drink-hole to your lips.  The patent pending stopper automatically regulates the flow so there’s never any spills or splashes.  360˚ venting allows smooth sipping at any angle and lets the aroma reach your nose for full-sensory enjoyment.




So Hot Right Now... And Later

The vacuum insulated double wall construction keeps hot beverages toasty for over 4 hours and stays cool and comfortable to the touch.  Iced drinks stay cold all day with no messy condensation on the outside.




Be Bold Get Out There

With a twist of the fingertips and an audible click, a leak-proof seal is created so you can put it in a bag or purse without worry. 


lttl tumbler, lotta features:

  • Vacuum insulated double-walled vessel keeps drinks hot or cold for hours

  • Outside stays cool to the touch and won’t sweat when filled with iced drinks

  • True 360˚ spill-free drinking from the top edge

  • Super easy cleaning, nowhere for gunk to hide

  • Leak proof seal for toting in a bag or purse

  • Splash resistant open position for drinking

  • 360˚ vented lid allows full enjoyment of aromas

  • Electropolished interior resist stains and odors, no paint or coatings inside

  • Built in Teabag hook

  • Dishwasher safe

  • 304 Stainless Steel Vessel

  • BPA & BPS free Tritan™ Stopper

  • EU-grade platinum-catalyzed silicone gasket

  • 16 fl.oz. capacity


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